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Happy National Small Business Week!

It’s National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week, Start a Home Party Business, Susie Nelson

Happy National Small Business Week – from Start a Home Party Business!

So here at Start a Home Party Business – we are celebrating all home party and network marketing consultants!

Here’s some facts

Did you know that more than 10 million U.S. companies—and half of all small businesses—are owned by women; they employ more than 13 million people and generate about $2 trillion in sales, the SBA says ( Fifteen percent of workers ages 50 to 64, and 25% of workers 65 or older, are self-employed.

Owning your own small business can be an exciting change of pace and a great way to stay engaged and productive. And sole proprietorships, home-based (meaning home party, network marketing, and social selling businesses), and online businesses are a natural fit for older Americans, because they are not very expensive to start and allow for more flexibility. Here are some tips Read More→

New Home Party Business: The Action Areas that Will Make Your Home Business a Success

Take Action for Your Home Party Business

It’s time to take action for your Home Party Business!

Congratulations! You have started a new home party business that will allow you to work from home and have the life you always pictured for yourself. Work at home jobs are a great opportunity for people to find the career you want doing something that you love. But in order to make it a success, you need to take action.

In any business, there are areas that need your attention in order to take your new home party business to the next step. If you mind these areas on a regular basis, then you have the building blocks for the foundation of success that every business needs. Let’s take a look at the ones that will help you get your business started in the right direction:

First, you need to start networking. Use your natural people skills to find the next new host for your parties. These parties are the events from which all the success in your home party business flows, so you need to make sure that you devote time to booking parties on a regular basis. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out on social media as well. Social selling is a new trend in the direct sales arena that is really working out for many new home party businesses. Read More→

Travel and Leisure: Summer Travel Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make This Year (and how to avoid them)

Suitcase with Travel Stickers

Packing light is a must for your next travel and leisure trip.

By Terri Lively

The snow is just beginning to melt and already I am looking forward to my summer vacation. But vacations are a lot more fun if you make sure to research all the best travel and leisure spots and all the best all inclusive vacations. And above all else, make sure that you don’t make the following summer travel mistakes this year.

Mistake #1: Letting a cheap vacation leave you feeling cheap. Just because you are getting a bargain doesn’t mean you need to give up service or comforts. If a travel and leisure deal seems to good to be true, it probably is. But if you do your due diligence and discover a reasonable bargain, make sure that you look up what other travellers had to say about their experience. Some great sites include, and of course

Mistake #2: Overpacking. The whole point of vacation is to get away from it all – not to bring it all with you. Packing light is an important part of making a summer vacation successful. Bring things that are versatile. Also, stick to one color palette, like black and white or navy and brown. You will be able to pack fewer accessories and will have a better chance of using things more than once. If you are flying, be sure to pack your bathing suits in your carry-on luggage. This gives you the best chance to make the most of your first day at the resort if you arrive early and your room isn’t quite ready yet. Read More→

Wine: Facts You May Not Have Known About Wine

By Terri Lively

Red Wine Pouring in Glass

Is it Wine o’clock at your house?

Ahh…wine. There are few things that I look forward to more than wine o’clock. In my house that’s at 5pm. Usually I gravitate toward white wine, but an occasional red makes it way in there as well. And while I am a regular consumer, I can hardly differentiate between a good Moscato wine from a Sauvignon Blanc. This can be especially embarrassing since I recently moved to wine country in the Santa Ynez Valley (yes where Sideways was filmed!) and nearly everyone here could be featured in Wine Spectator.

So turning to my trusty information guru, Google, I found a few interesting facts that you might not have known about wine. If you are like me, you can use these next time you are in a fancy-schmancy setting and most people won’t know that you can’t tell a Moscato wine from a Sauvignon Blanc.

They really did smash the grapes with their feet, just not so much anymore.  Made famous in countless comedic portrayals of wine making, stomping the grapes in the barrel was the preferred method for wine making for hundreds of years. To release their juice to begin the fermentation process, Grapes were crushed by the foot in vats as far back as the Roman Empire. Now, according to an article on  the only grape stomping that happens anymore is for small quantities of port wines. Read More→

How to Work Smarter in Your Home Party Business

Healthy habits keyboard key

Chances are when you decided to find a home party business to invest your time and energy in, you had the motivation to put in the hours to make it a success. But you may have noticed over time that while you seem to be putting in the time, you might not be getting as much done as you hoped. Clearly you are having a productivity issue.

You are not alone. People in offices, small business, and entrepreneurial ventures all over the world have the exact same issue. Being motivated is great and will take you far, but productivity is only for those who know how to work smart.

Here are some things you can do today to boost your productivity in your home party business tomorrow:

Read More→

What is Your Personal Success Strategy?

Success concept.

Being an entrepreneur, you have decided to start a social selling business. But being a human, you have the normal doubt and fears that your new venture will be a success. While having doubts is normal, one of the best ways to overcome your fears is to have a Personal Success Strategy defined for yourself.

Ceo of Yes To, Inc., Joy Chen, who is also an internationally recognized advocate for women and the former deputy mayor of Los Angeles, told that every person should have a personal strategy for success that will guide your business decisions. She talks about how she decided to pursue running a smaller company because it gave her more of an opportunity work on the business, which she loves. To hear everything she has to say, Read More→

How to Increase Productivity with Your New Home Party Company

So you are part of a new home party company. Congratulations! You are on your way to having the life you want for yourself. Now for the bad news: having a work from home job can challenge your productivity because of all the distractions around. The good news is that with a little strategic planning, you can boost your productivity every day.

One great place to be strategic is in how you start and end your day. If you pay attention to the details of the beginning and end of the workday, you have a much better chance of getting everything accomplished that you want to in the middle of the day.

Kevin Daum, an Inc. 500 entrepreneur with more than $1 Billion sales in marketing track record, believes that how you start and end your day can be one of the most important tools for boosting your productivity. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do Read More→

CVSL is bringing more companies into its Family

CVSL, Start a Home Party Business, Direct Sales, Longaberger, Your Inspiration at Home, Tomboy ToolsThere are lots of ways to grow businesses. CVSL Inc. is growing in the direct sales sector by purchasing businesses around the globe. The companies can benefit by sharing with each other, while achieving efficiencies by sharing back office resources and best practices.

CVSL has purchased Longaberger Baskets, Your Inspiration at Home, and now has issued an intent to purchase Tomboy Tools.

It all started back in January when CVSL purchased a portion of Longaberger Baskets (per its press release).

Longaberger – which hit $1 Billion in sales in 2000, had declined to sales of $100 Million last year.

At its annual convention this week, Tammy Longaberger announced that Longaberger will now be launching into Australia – and eventually other countries.

That’s because CVSL has also purchased Your Inspiration at Home (YIAH) – a company that sells Read More→